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Wahadabisen Gokujo

Fermented Rice Lotion Hydrating Essence


Gokujo Fermented Rice Lotion has an excellent moisture retention power making skin smooth & supple. Contains 6 types of fermented rice-derived extracts & rice vinegar extracts, originated from Sake Lees of pesticide-free organic rice from Kyoto, this lotion penetrates deep into the stratum corneum for deeper hydration while correcting the appearance of skin. Gokujo Fermented Rice Lotion prevents roughness of skin and minimizes the appearance of pores.

How To Use:
Pour an appropriate amount into hand. Press palms together to wet both hands. Smooth and press over your face and neck evenly.Continue patting until fully absorbed.

Key Ingredients:
Derived from organic rice vinegar from Miyazu, Kyoto, this range of skincare has the ability to prevent roughness of skin while keeping skin hydrated and minimizing the appearance of pores.

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