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Wahadabisen Gokujo

Fermented Rice Face Wash


Derived from Sake Lees of pesticide-free organic rice from Kyoto, this formulation penetrates deep into the stratum corneum for deeper hydration while correcting the appearance of skin. Contains 6 types of fermented rice-derived extracts & rice vinegar extracts, Gokujo Fermented Rice Face Wash has the ability to remove dirt while retaining moisture. Okinawa fine Kucha Sea Salt blends perfectly into a fine foam to remove dirt, clear pores of extra sebum, and gently lift dead skin.

How To Use:
Wet palm, take an appropriate amount of Face Wash, and lather into a rich & creamy texture. Massage face gently pays attention to T-zone, and rinse off. Use twice a day, morning & night, to wash away impurities, followed by Wahadabisen Gokujo Fermented Rice Lotion.

Key Ingredients:
Derived from organic rice vinegar from Miyazu, Kyoto, this range of skincare has the ability to prevent roughness of skin while keeping skin hydrated and minimizing the appearance of pores.

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